New Zealand Fallow Deer Society

A Resource for Fallow Deer Farmers


The Fallow Deer Society was established to encourage, educate, and support the farming of Fallow Deer in New Zealand.

In the heyday of deer farming, Fallow deer farmers were abundant. There are now fewer farmers concentrating solely on Fallow, but these farmers are passionate about the breed, and its place in New Zealand.
Deer farmers are pioneers of innovation in farming practice. Improved Fallow husbandry, facilities and genetic selection have overcome the early farming problems.

Venison and trophy antlers are the mainstay of Fallow farmers income.
The preservation of Mesopotamian genetics is an ongoing project for dedicated enthusiasts.

Our member base is mainly fallow deer farmers, with a few associated businesses maintaining a membership.
The Fallow Deer Society gives voice to comment on current issues that may affect our farmer members.

This website is a resource for the Fallow Deer farmer or anyone wanting to find out more information about this very specific breed of deer.

North Island Representative   
Ian Bristow
44 Crosland Rd
RD1 Helensville 0874
Ph: 09 420 2852
Mobile: 0274 979 876

South Island Representative   
Tony Roberts
369 Black Gully Road
RS 2, Tapanui
Ph: 03 204 2261

Contact Representatives

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