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Our History

Pinewood Deer Farm identity started in 1984 when Malc and I purchased approximately half of Woodhill Deer Estate at Rimmer Road, Helensville.
Malc had always had a great interest in the trophy potential of fallow deer.
When Malcolm was killed in 1991, Di with the help of Dave Chisholm continued to run the farm focussing on Trophy Fallow Deer and Red Deer for velvetting and the odd trophy.
Ian and I formed a partnership in 1997 amalgamating two farms under the Pinewood banner.

In 2000 we sold both of our properties and bought 44 Crosland Road, South Head, Helensville which is now 387+ Hectares.
Running, 550 Red Hinds (200 hinds recorded and the remainder as Venison), 320 Red Velvet Stags, 450 Red Weaners (300 are for Venison and the remainder are replacements - the focus here is to have the majority of the R1 Venison animals off by Xmas.
A selected number of older stags are grown out to assess trophy potential each year.

We are running approx 700+Fallow Deer, of mixed Hungarian/ Swedish and Danish bloodlines now, and we have recently added more Hungarian blood from the South Island.
We have a small number running as a black herd, as we suddenly realised the “ginger gene” is a lot more dominant than the black.

Fallow deer have an aversion to being yarded, which we overcome by doing as much as possible to them while in the yards and only yarding 2-3 times a year if possible.

We have been able to sell all of our Trophy Bucks each year as rising 4yrs, with the majority being delivered in October [at button drop] to grow out on the recipient’s property. We guarantee all our bucks will score 235 – 290. 
Our buck numbers are increasing which gives us more options ie. hold a selected few for longer, in the past 2yrs we have had bucks in excess of 300SCI with one holding the South Pacific SCI Record.

Our trophy heads have improved immensely over the last few years, which can be attributed to management and feeding.


Ian & Diane Bristow
Pinewood Deer Farm
44 Crosland Road
South Head
Helensville 0874
North Auckland
Ph: 09 420 2852

Pinewood Deer Farm