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The rolling pastures of Merino Downs are home to our core breeding herd of 130 breeding does and their offspring and mixed age bucks.
Three colours are represented in the herd - black, white and spotty.
All bucks are assessed annually to conform with our breeding objectives.

Our aim is to produce 45 Bucks available to the trophy market annually.

Our breeding goal is to produce a style of head that is long, ultra wide and with multi-pointed palms with the 'wow' factor.
Top Hungarian / Danish bloodlines from throughout New Zealand have been selected and introduced to our herd to achieve this.
The best three year olds are selected and used over doe groups.
Does are culled heavily to speed up genetic gain. Poor temperament is not tolerated.

Natural immunity and hardiness are encouraged through minimal intervention for animal health.
A number of trophy bucks are available for sale annually. Periodically breeding Sires will be available.

Inquiry is always welcomed regarding trophy bucks or general discussion about farming fallow deer. eg yard design, fencing or management.

Visitors are welcome, by appointment.
TB status: C10

Tony & Michelle Roberts
Merino Downs
Ph: 027 755 8446

Top Deck Trophies